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New Bridges - Minecraft Metropolis


Metropolis Texture Pack

Hey! Metropolis Texture pack is now avaleable for download!!

This Pack is a TEST yet. Use it JUST ON CREATIVE MODE.
Metropolis Texture Pack has the prupose to build cities. Then, I removed all ore textures. DO NOT PLAY ON SURVIVAL MODE or you will have problems with textures.

This pack may have some bugs or textures with problems, but on version 1.2 it will be fixed.
For now, only the TERRAIN. and ARTS are customized, all others files will be created on the next version.

Download and help us to improve this Texture Pack leving a comment.

I use ADFLY on my links because I think that ALL WORKS must be Valorized. Clicking on adfly link, you wont pay, but you help us with a small donation (Adfly pays me, not you).

You need MCPatcher, downlaod here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1496369-143-142-132-etcupdate-1029-mcpatcher-hd-fix-243-03/


Metropolis Texture Pack

Thanks HIGH ROSSFERRY City for allowing use his texture pack as a base.